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    The Leading Home School Sports Association in Northwest Arkansas


    Honor  Nobility  Enthusiasm

    NWA Hornet Championships


    3 Gold Ball Basketball National Championships

    7 Silver Ball Baskeball Championships

    1 Bronze Ball Basketball Championship

    1 South Central Regional Basketball Championship

    1 Heartland Regional Basketball Championship

    11 Arkansas State Basketball Championships

    1 Golf National Championship

    1 AAO Basketball Silver Division Championship

    1 AAO Basketball Silver Division 2 Championship

    1 Cross Country National Championship


    Hornets SWARM!

    EST. 2011


    NWA Hornet competitive home school basketball program

    Boys 10 years & under – Coach Tom and Melanie Gazaway 609-706-3050, 609-417-1056

    45 practices for the 10u boy teams with approximately 25 games, Two practices per week. 10u boy registration is $300 per player

    Boys 12 years & under – Coach Will Schneider 303-437-0600 45 practices for the 12u boy teams with approximately 25 games, plus up to 30 *Hardwood Basketball games. Two practices per week. Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

    Registration is $640 player up front or (8) - $95 - payments total of $760 **D1- training optional at an additional price.

    Boys 14 years & under – Boys 18 years & under Coach Kevin Kirkman 479-409-1932 68 practices for the 14u and 18u boy teams with approximately 26 games and additional 28 *Hardwood Basketball games. (50+ games) Practices are Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays 6:30 – 8:30 PM and 8:30 – 9:00 PM “180” – Shooting practice *Hardwood Basketball games are opportunities to play club teams in one day jamboree style. Games will be within a 2-hour drive and would not need an overnight stay. 14u & 18u boys - $640 player up front or make 8 - $95 - payments total of $760 **D1- training optional at an additional price. See information on D1 below…

    **D1 Training in Rogers is a new training center in Northwest Arkansas that mimics that of a college and offers customized workouts for athletes and non-athletes alike. Former Hog and general manager, Jim Ed Reed, says it is a facility that helps everyone train like a college athlete. The D1 core training is a 5-star program designed by a national training panel, where a layer of well-rounded skills-development training is worked through and each week builds on the previous one to achieve targeted specific goals. The curriculum involves more athletic movement, emphasizing power, speed, and strength, using age appropriate programs. Speed, power, strength, movement optimal mobility and flexibility. High-level footwork. D-1 training – 72 sessions – total $650 per athlete.

    Special - First 12 athletes to register $150 ($530 savings)  first 12 spots are full.  The next 8 spots are at $9 per session for 72 session.  get in on the next deal.  Regular price is $864.

    5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays


    Leadership training - Jansen Leadership Program - The Varsity and Junior High boys will be using The Athlete’s Responsibility Manual. This is a bite-sized, interactive, athlete-friendly workbook. - and is especially effective for those athletes who struggle to take responsibility for themselves. Athletes will learn, practice, and master the 6 HABITS OF RESPONSIBLE ATHLETES including: 1. Take Charge of Your Choices 2. Make Helpful vs. Hurtful Choices 3. Discipline Yourself So Others Do Not Have To 4. Control the Controllable 5. Own and Learn from Your Mistakes 6. Follow Through and Finish the Job By adopting these six critical attitudes and actions, our athletes will set themselves and our team up to achieve high-level success on and off the court – and throughout the game of life.


    For the No Travel Less Cost

    Prep League ages 8-18 boys and girls (no travel- non-competitive) Learn skills through drills and small sided games Tuesday League - Coach Michelle Stevens Thursday League – Coach Nick Kirkman Prep League $125 for 12 – 90-minute sessions and 2 Big game nights Prep League 3-4:30 PM Tuesday events (12) 3-4:30 PM Thursday events (12) Plus 2 Big Special combination events


    #Players must be home schooled. Definition of a Home School Student-Athlete: A student’s education is parent-directed. As such, the parents shall be involved in their child’s education by assuming the role of principal or headmaster, thereby (1) setting the date and requirements for high school graduation; (2) selecting and approving course materials and study schedules; and (3) selecting tutors, correspondence courses, videos, computer courses, and similar resources for their child’s education. Home Schooling would also include the person of legal responsibility* of the student filling the role of a parent (if pre-approved by the NCHC) If a player does not meet all the requirements below they may fill out a Hardships Exemption Form to request an exemption. National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championships Online at Home – “The NCHBC does not have approved or unapproved curriculum.” The bottom line is the NCHBC leaves curriculum choice to parent discretion, provided it is done at home and the parents can change curriculum at their discretion.

    Registration Center

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    12u, 14u & 18u Boys Basketball Registration

    D-1 Agility Reaction Quickness Speed Strength Training

    Prep League Basketball - Non- competitive - No Travel League


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    Calendar of Events

    Character Traits

    S Spirit – Hornets consistently and eagerly bring energy by responding to life!  Hornets are energy givers by acknowledging teammates, lifting them up and celebrating achievement! Hornets are enthusiastic!   Hornets are devoted!  Hornets bring emotion, fervor, intensity and zeal, especially when the going gets tough!



    Work – There is no substitute for hard work directed at your established goal!  Hornets are workers!  Hornets set a plan and work at it, making adjustments along the journey!  Some people may call it hustle!  There is no quick fix and no magic formulas, it is called Work!




    Attitude – Hornets work at their physical fitness, but even more important work on their attitudinal and spiritual fitness.  Hornets have strength to persevere, endurance to go the distance and flexibility to adapt!  Hornets show honor, gratitude and commitment!  Hornets expect the best when the going gets tough!


       Hornets are noble and promote an attitude of excellence and teamwork.  Our Approach is always with a growth mindset.



    Respect – Hornets show deference or consideration to others.  We promote proper courtesy and acknowledgement to teammates, coaches, parents, opponents and referees!  Hornets respect authority!  Our organization builds our reputation and is distinguished from others by our honor and respect to others.



    Meticulous – Hornets strive to be exact.  Hornets are accurate and precise in all we do!  Hornets are rigorous!  We strive for this in our planning, our communication, and our execution.  Hornets look at getting better by 1% every day.