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EST. 2011

The Leading Home School Sports Association in Northwest Arkansas


Honor *** Nobility *** Enthusiasm

NWA Hornet Championships


3 Gold Ball Basketball National Championships

6 Silver Ball Baskeball Championships

1 Bronze Ball Basketball Championship

1 South Central Regional Basketball Championship

1 Heartland Regional Basketball Championship

9 Arkansas State Basketball Championships

1 Golf National Championship



EST. 2011

Do you Home School?

Do you want to play competitive basketball and/or baseball?

NWA Hornet Information

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Hornets S.W.A.R.M.

S  Spirit – Hornets consistently and eagerly bring energy by responding to life!  Hornets are energy givers by acknowledging teammates, lifting them up and celebrating achievement! Hornets are enthusiastic!  

W Work – There is no substitute for hard work directed at your established goal!  Hornets are workers!  Hornets set a plan and work at it, making adjustments along the journey!

A Attitude – Hornets work at their physical fitness, but even more important work on their attitudinal and spiritual fitness.  Hornets have strength to persevere, endurance to go the distance and flexibility to adapt!  Hornets show honor, gratitude and commitment!  Hornets expect the best when the going gets tough!   Hornets are noble and promote an attitude of excellence and teamwork.

R Respect – Hornets show deference or consideration to the people we come in contact with.  We promote proper courtesy and acknowledgement to teammates, coaches, parents, opponents and referees!  Hornets respect authority!

M Meticulous – Hornets strive to be exact.  Hornets are accurate and precise in all we do!  Hornets are rigorous!  We strive for this in our planning, our communication, and our execution.  Hornets look at getting better by 1% every day.       




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