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Competitive Basketball

Home School Competitive Basketball Teams in Northwest Arkansas

Varsity Boys (18 years old and under)

Junior High Boys (14 years old and under)

Whatever age you are on September 1st determines age eligibility. 

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Tuesday September 14, 21, 28                 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm AAO Rogers



Generally practices are Tuesday and Thursdays 6:30-9

Important Tournament dates requiring travel and hotel:

  • State Tournament 2022 Dates: February 17th – 19th Conway, AR

Competitive Basketball is Co-curricular

Jansen Leadership Training

Athlete Responsibility 6 week course

Teammates Accountability 6 week course

Athlete's Commitment 6 week course



Become a better athlete!

Optional training on you core strength, speed, agility-

45 minute training sessions - twice per week

$12 per session

All who want to participate will do a joint fundraiser to off-set the cost for D-1.  Details to come.

D-1 Agility Reaction Quickness Speed Strength Training

**D1 Training in Rogers is a new training center in Northwest Arkansas that mimics that of a college and offers customized workouts for athletes and non-athletes alike.  Former Hog and general manager, Jim Ed Reed, says it is a facility that helps everyone train like a college athlete.  The D1 core training is a 5-star program designed by a national training panel, where a layer of well-rounded skills-development training is worked through and each week builds on the previous one to achieve targeted specific goals.  The curriculum involves more athletic movement, emphasizing power, speed, and strength, using age-appropriate programs.

Speed & Power- Increase agility and change of direction with plyometric training and linear acceleration and max velocity development.

Strength – Goals are to increase athlete’s ability to load force with progressions of lifting and strength.  Expansion of functional movement.  Increased capacity for work.

Movement – training in injury prevention, development of coordination, rhythm, and balance while increased conditioning capacity.  Optimal mobility and flexibility.  High-level footwork.

D-1 training –  sessions – $12 per athlete per session

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NWA Hornets 1st Gold Ball!

Gold Ball 12 & under Hornets

Gold Ball 12 & Under Hornets

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2016-2017 NWA Hornet Varsity Highlights

USA certified coaches

USA Basketball

Leadership Training


Transfer and Elgibility Rules and Forms

NWA Hornet Basketball Certified and Accredited to compete with Public Schools

Coaches AAA Certified

Team Captain Leadership Training

Team Captain Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Lead 'Em Up - Leadership Course